Charles H. Coolidge

Charles H. Coolidge


Charles H. Coolidge

CHARLES H. COOLIDGE, 34286521, Sergeant, Company M, 141st Infantry Regiment, for gallantry in action on 31 may 1944 in Italy. Sergeant Coolidge's machine gun section had participated in a forced night march to cut off the enemy garrison in a beleaguered strongpoint. Shortly after daylight the battalion made contact with the enemy and deployed for a fight. Operating in support of a rifle company, the machine gun section recieved severe sniping and point blank fire from self-propelled guns. When the enemy counterattacked in strength, Sergeant Coolidge and the other members of the machine gun section greated them with devastating fire and inflicted many casualties. Approximately a company of enemy threatened the left flank. Quickly moving their guns to an exposed position only twenty-five yards from the nearest enemy, Sergeant Coolidge and his company used a free traverse to place such an effective fire on the onrushing foe that those not killed or wounded were panicked into scattered disorganization and made easy to capture. Thus the threat was dispelled largely because of the quick-witted courage of Sergeant Coolidge and his comrades. His gallant action reflects great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States. Entered the Service from Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

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